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News and discussion on all subjects concerning food: the food industry, chefs, celebrity chefs, culinary luminaries, heritage breeds, natural/organic/sustainable foods, craft beers brewers/soda makers, artisnal purveyors, cookware/tableware/kitchenware, cooking gadgets/equipment, food porn, and more!

Gonzo Gourmands, Frugal Foodies & Crazy Culinarians - Dishing Out What Food Lovers Really Crave

About Me

Next Food Network TV Star Cooking Demo Competition

I was selected as 1 of the 8 Finalists at the San Diego Fair “Next Food Network TV Star” Cooking Demonstration Competition. I had been known as “The Frugal Foodie,” and even had the moniker embroidered on my Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego chefs jacket.  Unfortunately the term “foodie” has become a slur for an uninformed food faddist or celebrity chef chaser, who depends on branding and expensive prices as a measure of quality.  To distinguish myself and other interested culinary enthusiasts from “foodies,” I coined the term, “Gonzo Gourmands.”  I hope you appreciate and embrace my cheeky distininction.

I’ve written for a few food bargain websites and was invited by a publisher to review the second book installment for a best-selling culinary travel writer’s book!  For a couple years, I have been volunteering my kitchen & social media marketing skills in aiding & abetting cool chefs, craft brewers & awesome purveyors in San Diego, OC, and LA counties!  Since my lifelong passion has always been the culinary arts, I love meeting, sharing ideas, and connecting people in this field. While building relationships, I share information on: culinary news, grocery bargains, restaurant specials, craft beer, artisnal purveyors, clubs & cocktails, kitchen gadgets, community events, chef gossip, festivals, and discounts whenever possible!

My Mission is for Gonzo Gourmands Social Media to help people’s livelihoods to thrive plus enrich the lives of others with my kitchen and social media marketing skills.  And, to spread my culinary philosophy as the self-proclaimed “Gonzo Gourmands” leader!