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Gonzo Gourmands, Frugal Foodies & Crazy Culinarians - Dishing Out What Food Lovers Really Crave

Free Gaslamp Strip Club Steak Dinner Aug 15th Starting 5PM!


Hip San Diegans know that The Strip Club in the Gaslamp District & La Jolla are not seedy places with half naked women, but actually grill-your-own-steak restaurants with some of the city’s best cooks coming through the door every night!  Just think, a steakhouse where the steak is taken off the grill the precise moment YOU think it’s done to perfection every time!  Never worry about your steak being overdone, underdone, or sitting on a counter getting cold!  Well, the Gaslamp Strip Club is celebrating their 10th Anniversary by offering a FREE STEAK DINNER when you dine with a friend buying a regular dinner, or if you’re really good friends, you can do it as 2 people paying 1/2 price!

Confessions of a Closet Forager

It’s a great feeling to see stuff about people hunting for wild mushrooms, gathering fiddleheads, and cooking up wild greens. As a kid I learned from my grandparents and parents to pick young, tender wild mustard greens and enjoy them sauted with garlic in olive oil. Of course normal people in LA/OC didn’t wander through undeveloped lots to gather wild greens to eat, so this was an entirely undercover enterprise. At times, I felt that we should be wearing disguises while we foraged. God forbid should any of the neighbors or my classmates from my elementary (and eventually), high school recognize us. But I do find it amusing when I see items I’ve gorged on for free, featured as side dishes on trendy, expensive menus.

Currently, it’s the wrong time of year to get tender wild greens, but I’ll write about them again in the spring. I’ll share where to find them, how to pick them, my favorite recipes, and I’ll make sure to include pictures.